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Birthdate:Apr 3
Location:Boyd, Texas, United States of America
My name is Rayven. I love to be myself but lately I'm not sure exactly who that is. I recently got engaged to the most wonderful man on the planet. I love anything creative, I accept and love everyone you'll find no judgement from me, I am random, quirky and little bit not all here. Some times I feel that Ive lost my muchness I try to live my life on a few basic principles: Do not judge others because even though you may be going through some through some bad stuff someone out there has been through worse
Speak ye little, listen much
That's basically it for me.

Interests (13):

... everything except country, anne rice, batman, fiction, lots and lots anything with a good plot line, music, poe, poetry, reading, short stories, stephen king, vampires, writing
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